Second year student Andrea Vicente reflects on her experience at the Charles Carl Program at Yale University

My name is Andrea Vicente and I am from Isleta Pueblo, NM. I am attending SIPI (Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute) in Albuquerque, NM. I am in my second year for the Associates degree in Early Childhood Education and I’m expected to graduate in Spring-trimester of 2014. My previous work with children was as a library aide for the Pueblo of Isleta Library, helping out with the Jim Thorpe run (SIPI Campus), community garden with YDI program on SIPI Campus, and being a volunteer coach for Isleta Pueblo Little League Softball girls (7-9 yrs. Old).

Attending the Charles Carl Jr. Child Study Program was everything that I hoped it would be. I was really motivated by Dr. Lansing (my teacher/advisor) about this being a great opportunity to learn and explore other options that branch off for what I’m studying. When I read the selections I could choose from and noticed they had behavioral health. I was really motivated and praying that I would get selected.

The first highlight of the program that I enjoyed was the CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) session with Dr. Eli Lebowitz, Ph.D. In this session we talked about the treatment for psychiatric disorders of children and adolescence. The areas we focused on were psychoeducation; monitoring; exposure and response prevention; cognitive restructuring; relaxation and social problem solving. By having learned some of these techniques myself and noticing that they have worked for me. I feel that these techniques would be helpful to any child going through cognitive behavioral problems. The second highlight of the program was the In/Out-patient Clinic. I was really interested in this session because it talked about child studies, having assessments, and treatment plans with children and their parents. They had mentioned an 8 year old boy that has anger problems and I was amazed to hear that the child was exactly the same as my vignette I made in my Guiding Young Children class. I feel that what I learned on this internship has increased my knowledge of where I want to be in this field and the steps I need to take to get me there.